Thursday, 12 February 2015

Eco tourism - not Ego tourism

Ecotoursim: a way of tourism that helps people discover and feel more responsible for our nature.
Eco tourism dates at least to 1965 when Hetzer categorized it against 3 main measures.
1.    Minimum environmental impact / and full respect for hot spots natural beauty , and cultural importance to the area of the tourist
2.     Full economic benefits for the destinations local people
3.     Maximum ‘recreational’ satisfaction to participating tourist

Landscape architecture to a large success always looks at what people want , desire , and truly care about. Tourism and fun activities are what most people look for in a get away , but this can have bad symptoms on the natural beauty of the visitor. That is why Eco-tourism is a solution to this, it serves as a way for landscape architects to plan and use Eco tourism as a sustainable development tool.

The landmark destination on Taihu Lake, the largest lake in eastern China, will introduce ecotourism to China’s emerging international and domestic tourism sector.

There are three themed areas within the master plan: the harbor area to the north and west, including a marina, yacht club hotel and tourist town center; the hill area to the east, with a water sports park, dry ski slope and visitor center; and a delta area to the south, with a family hotel and corporate club. Building forms embrace organic shapes to reflect the ebbs and flows of the natural environment.
By integrating the lake’s pristine natural environment with the area’s cultural and historical context, the design creates a destination that is both commercially viable and ecologically sustainable.

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