Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Throwback Year 2 Landscape Of Ideas Project

(MasterPlan Cob Intervention)

The Site I worked on here had two things I  personally thought needed to be changed. I always kept in mind that the site was on a slope and many great views were hidden , I also felt that the place was surrounded by a community that didn't really relate to each other.  So I came up with the Idea of bringing together the people of Southeast London to build together as a community a Cob structure . The whole idea was for people to socialized and have fun while building this Natural Cob Art Intervention for Avery interventionr built o Hill Park. The project was built on a slope because it was designed to elevate the views out into the beautiful horizon. I wanted to create an area where people can relax and enjoy the views .The main concept was designing in a Picturesque style.

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