Sunday, 5 October 2014


        My group and I decided for a competition to work with this word as one of our concept ideas. I looked at image examples to try an get a visual understanding of the word, these pictures below gave me a clear understanding, they are very interesting and I love this artistic , fun , and  imaginative idea for the word JUXTAPOSE.

Juxtapose :
[juhk-stuh-pohz, juhk-stuh-pohz] :to place close together or side by side, escpecially for comparison or contrast. 
                      Demonstrating an understanding of a figure /ground                                              balance by creatively combining two subjects.
(student artwork from Mrs. Bisogno's Digital Art & Graphic Design classes at James River High.) 
Hailey B (Seahorse)

Kathryn R

 Meagan M. (Hammerhead Shark)

 Savannah I (Fishtank)
Which one do you like the most ? Can you think of anyother ideas? Go ahead and leave your Comment  =D

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