Sunday, 28 September 2014

4.77 min model

Interlocking + Spatial=  Quick Model
(cartridge paper,masking tape)

The whole idea of this exercise was to  create a quick model in less than 5 min. Interlocking and Spatial were the two words to keep in mind while creating this conceptual model. Its a lot harder than what it looks , but when you just get on with it and let your hands do the thinking, you can really surprise yourself,well  I did.


  1. Great blog, do you still believe that the future city in 2100 will still have such a vas green plantation? Won't polution already be a major problem for plant life on earth ? overall intresting post , good job

    1. thanks for comment :px The city 2100 wasn't anything serious it was just a quick Photoshop exercise , but ill give an answer / my opinion. At this rate that we (most people on this earth) aren't really doing anything about the environment (recycling seriously and being more Eco.. / buying what we will consume not throwing half away) its like we are waiting for something bad to happen until we wake up , who knows if 2100 will even come , I imagine with this rate that the population is booming and our natural resources are declining its hard to predict plant life because there is no balance in the ecosystem .But the good news is that any city needs trees/and plants for too many reasons to list here but the biggest reason is Oxygen we thrive on , so many city planners and Landscape architects take this serious and probably city 2100 designed by a good Landscape Architect will have the most trees and plants in the world an be the healthiest place to live , who knows . It all depends on choices and time .